Refuge and rehoming Sabrina and ErnieIt is our hope that our outreach dogs will stay with their families in an improved environment, however sometimes their caretakers ask us to find them new homes. Straw For Dogs has a small refuge and rehoming program, and our outreach dogs are welcomed into rescue when we have a foster home available. We work hard to find them forever homes while accessing their needs, addressing medical and behavioral issues and teaching them about living indoors, as part of a loving family.

We are also committed to the animals in our program that, for many reasons, are not able to be adopted. Our Refuge program provides life long, loving homes where they can enjoy their golden years- you can “adopt” one of our Refuge dogs by contributing to their long term care. Volunteer foster homes always needed!

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Straw For Dogs is a 501(c)3 organization that dependsĀ on individual donations to support our mission of providing suppliesĀ and resources for pets outdoors.

Your donation is tax deductible, meaningful and accounted for.